For companies with small teams, a couple of international employees, and able to use Globig preferred service providers to support your business – Keep GDPR compliant from the start as you position to grow

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For fast scaling companies with a growing international employee base and a bigger reliance on outside service providers helping you manage your employees and processes - stay GDPR compliant as you focus on your growth

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For companies with several international offices focused on aggressive growth in multiple markets – easily manage global employees, service provider supply chains, customers, and data privacy compliance

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Out-Of-The-Box Portals

Semi-Customized Portal Options

Guided White Label

Pre-Set Portals

Employees, Candidates, Service Providers, Customers

A La Carte Options



Training - Consulting

Project Management

Available as needed

Configurable Portals

Add Custom Services

Globig Concierge

A La Carte Options  



Training - Consulting

Project Management

Available as needed


Configurable Portals

Custom Branded

Globig Concierge

Custom Service Providers



Training - Consulting

Project Management

Available as needed


10 GB File Storage
10 GB File Storage
Unlimited File Storage

Starting at $15/user/month

1-49 Users

Starting at $13/user/month

50-149 Users

Starting at $10/user/month

150+ Users


Global HR – Recruiting – Relocation Productivity

Startup Scaleups Enterprise
HR Team Dashboard
Employee Dashboard
Employee Onboarding
HR Access-Controlled CRM
Team Member Roles & Permissions
Pre-Loaded Onboarding Files (Contracts, Manuals, Documents)
Secure Video + Document Uploading
Secure File Storage, Sharing, Transfers, And Access Rights Management
Employee Privacy Policy + Versioning Management
Employee Data Portability
Employee Data Erasure (As Legally Permitted)
Subject Access Request (SAR) Management
Subject Access Request (SAR) Reporting
HR Resources, Training, Templates
Recruiting Candidate Consent Management Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


Report, Policy + Contract Templates
Data Usage Documentation
Data Tracking, Reporting
Holiday Alerts
Resources, Guides, Training
Custom Branding
Customer Support Email Email, Chat Email, Chat
Add Your Preferred Service Providers Custom Custom Custom
Custom Reports Custom Custom Custom
Product And Task Management Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


Vendor RFIs
Service Provider Data Access Governance
Vetted Vendor Store + Procurement
Tagging - File Management
Service Provider Supply Chain Management Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Contract Negotiation Management + E-Signature Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


Employee/Services/Customer Privacy Policy + Versioning Management
Data Portability
Data Erasure (As Legally Permitted)
Subject Access Request (SAR) Management
Subject Access Request (SAR) Reporting
Data Protection Impact Assessment Reporting (DPIA)
Self-Assessments For GDPR Readiness
Access Governance (Permissions - Usage Reporting - Revoking - Alerts)
GDPR Training Contact us Contact us Contact us


Q: Is My Data Safe?

A: We are serious about data security. Our servers are at top EU data centers utilizing best-in-class security technology protocols. Learn more about our data security practices at

Q: Is Globig GDPR compliant?

A: There are many levels of GDPR compliance within the Globig+ platform. Not only are we compliant in how we do business with you, but we also keep you GDPR compliant when you utilize the Globig+ platform to manage your international employees, service provider supply chain, customers, and more. Learn more about our approach to GDPR at

Q: How do you charge?

A: We are flexible and can charge smaller companies that only need out-of-the-box features a monthly fee to set up their business, manage monthly reporting, compliance, business productivity, and analytics. We are also able to accommodate companies with semi-custom integrations all the way to fully-custom configured white label.

Q: What is a portal?

A: Portals are individual micro-sites with a dashboard and functionality specific for each user type such as file sharing, CRM, access management, settings, and other features. Each user type has their own portal- employees have an employee portal, team members have a company portal for their roles, service providers have a service provider portal, and customers have a customer portal

Q: What kind of portals do you have?

A: We currently have employee portals, recruiting candidate portals, company and team portals, service provider portals, and customer portals.

Q: Can I add more portals?

A: Yes, the platform is flexible and can be configured to meet your business needs.

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