A Simple and Efficient Solution To Help You Manage International HR – Relocation – Recruiting – GDPR + More

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Role Management

GDPR compliant and functional 'Roles & Permissions' to manage employee data access for HR, recruiting, relocation, benefit managers, and 3rd party HR services in one secure place


Resources and templates to help you stay on top of international expansion requirements

Business Continuity 

No longer keep track of Tribal knowledge for international employees, services, and processes in spreadsheets

Holiday + Visa Expiration Alerts 

Alerts are set up to remind you about upcoming document expirations and holidays in countries you do business

Services Procurement + Management

Easily procure vetted services by RFI from around the world, accept bids, manage contracts, invoices, and documents or integrate your existing service providers for ongoing business and GDPR compliance management

Easily Manage Your Employees & Candidates

Employee Onboarding

Kick off a smooth and welcoming onboarding process with the click of a button

Documentation Management

Track Privacy Policy versioning, Subject Access Requests, contracts, and other important documentation processes for candidates and employees

Employee Management

Enter, update, manage, and control access to the International Employee CRM by field

Collaboration + Engagement

Keep your international employees feeling part of the global team, no matter how remote, with simple and secure ways to share training, company videos, and files
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Protect – Document – Report On The Private Employee Data Entrusted To You

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Data Security

Keep your employees’ personal data safe from the moment you upload it, to the time it is no longer needed and is safely removed

Data Access Governance

Create, assign, edit, and revoke roles and permissions for access to employee data – you control who has access to what data and for how long - Learn More 

GDPR Compliance Reporting

Remove the burden of crushing manual processes to track, document, and report on data privacy compliance

HR Reporting + Analytics

Measure your global HR spends, effectiveness, data sharing activity + more

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