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  • Market Validation
  • Market Entry
  • Product Localization
  • Go-To-Market
  • Relocation HR

Market Validation

Using Globig's Lean Global Expansion Framework, before you enter a new market, confirm there is a significant market for your product and clearly identify the benefits to current options in the market.

This section of your plan includes: 

Market intelligence, evaluation criteria, the Lean Design empathy interview process, market research, and other testing strategies with resources to gather free market intelligence.

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Market Entry

How do you establish your business? What do you need to know before you go? What is the best lean approach to save time, money, and lower risk? Globig helps you to understand your options.

This section of your plan includes:

Guidance on trademark and patent registration, regulatory compliance for data gathering, usage, and storage, taxation triggers, and more.

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Product Localization

Globig will help you understand lean product localization for your digital products by country so you appeal to your target markets.

This section of your plan includes:

International language localization, iSEO, drafting privacy policies, terms & conditions and cookies policies, licensing and labeling, customer support services, and more.

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Success in market will depend on your go-to-market strategy and its effective execution. 

This section of your plan includes:

Sales strategy, pricing strategy, pricing calculators, marketing regulations, lean marketing strategy, country specific how-to-marketing training sessions, international PR workshops, and more.

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HR- Relocation

If you're sending an employee abroad or have an offer to be sent abroad, you will want to understand compensation needs, how to prepare for relocation, and ways to make it easier.

This section of your plan includes:

Visa options and how to apply, creating and negotiating relocation packages, and step-by-step guides for relocating into each market.

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Business Setup

Synopsis:  A Globig expert will walk you through the process of setting up your business entity, review your submissions for accuracy and completeness, and be here to answer any questions that arise to ensure that your entity setup is seamless. And we’ll get it done quickly without high consulting-level prices.

Packages offered include:

In addition to Business Setup, we also offer Virtual Office Packages for each of these locations. 


US Customer Acquisition For Growth

Synopsis: Customer acquisition in any new market takes a well-planned strategy and thoughtful execution. And while each market (city, state, country) is different, there are best practices and processes to guide you, from testing to see what works best to executing against what you learn. With Globig at your side, you will become more effective and accelerate your customer acquisition.

With the US Customer Acquisition For Growth package, we will work with you to develop an executable US customer acquisition strategy. 



Influencer & Media Leads Lists

Synopsis: Globig's team will strategize about the best approach for reaching influencers and media in your new country. We will then generate a list of the most relevant influencer & media contacts for your company from one city or region to connect with, follow, and market to for growth. 

We offer packages for:

Globig offers a range of Lean Expansion packages to assist with your needs, including the ability to customize your own package.