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EVENT: Global Expansion Summit - London 2017

Join Globig and advance your international and crossborder business strategy at the Global Expansion Summit in London this June. Each year, the Global Expansion Summit welcomes 1,500 attendees from 62 countries, including 400+ c-suite and 120+ speakers from 700+ companies, all looking to take their business into a new market. Meet future global business partners and gain expertise on how to do it right. Buy your ticket as a Globig Guest and get the following benefits in addition to the conference:

- Globig Guest networking event invitation

- Live interviews at the event and promotion on Globig 

- Special Startup Research Report—International Assessment Results


Globig Events EVENT: World Trade Day - Denver 2017

World Trade Day is hosted annually by the World Trade Center Denver. This year's theme, Containers to the Cloud: Trade as Goods, Services and Knowledge will focus on the diverse nature of international trade around the movement of products, services, and knowledge across borders.  Learn about our region's prominence in global trade and identify ways to jump-start your global business, mitigate risk and protect your innovations. 

Globig Events WEBINAR SERIES: World Trade Month Webinar Series

 Is your business looking for growth opportunities? Would you like to take your product or service into the global market? Join us for a series of webinars throughout the month of May in celebration of World Trade Month to hear how companies successfully enter and grow in global markets.

Why Should You Attend?
Many businesses are passing up global opportunities because they think they have to first have a large domestic presence, but that isn’t the case! You may see success internationally before you see success here, so join us to gain confidence and learn strategies for success.

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Go Global: Thinking Beyond the Domestic Market (5/4/2017)
Exploring Exporting & Expansion to Canada (5/12/2017)
Understanding VAT in the European Union (5/17/2017)
Exploring Exporting & Expansion to China (5/23/2017)
Exploring Exporting & Expansion to Europe Through the Netherlands (5/31/2017)


Globig Events EVENT: GetGlobal Conference 2017

GetGlobal is the premiere conference for companies expanding internationally. Meet and hear from the world's experts on global expansion including political and business leaders, fortune 500 executives, and industry pioneers.


WEBINAR: International Go-To-Market May 2017

Join the Globig experts as they walk through go-to-market strategies especially helpful for unfamiliar international markets. The discussion will include market expectations, cultural considerations, success stories, and failures.

WEBINAR: Building An International Sales Strategy And Team 2017

Join Globig experts as they discuss lean approaches to building an international sales strategy and team. The time, date, location, and guest speakers will be announced shortly.