The Definitive Guide To Global Expansion by Globig



Are you interested in international expansion and developing your business beyond your home country? This e-book will help you learn more about what to prepare for, narrow down which countries to consider, and give you the confidence to know when you are ready.  


The Definitive Guide To Global Expansion E-Book


This e-book was written by Anke Corbin, a leading expert in international expansion, to specifically answer the following common questions about international expansion.

Why should I take my business into new markets?
What do I need to consider and prepare for before jumping into expanding globally?


Once we’ve identified what’s most important for your business when it comes to going global, it’s easier to identify countries that meet your requirements.

In The Definitive Guide To Global Expansion e-book, you will find over 60 pages of advice and information on international expansion including:

1. Why go global? What are the benefits?
2. The top 15 internal factors to consider before expanding internationally
3. The primary ways to go global and how to evaluate them
4. What you’ll need to do to localize digital products
5. Tips for internationalizing physical and digital products
6. How to conduct product market research
7. Tips for going to market
8. Factors for evaluating countries: Rule of Law considerations
9. Factors for evaluating countries: Voice & Accountability
10. Factors for evaluating countries: Control of Corruption
11. Factors for evaluating countries: Regulatory Quality
12. Factors for evaluating countries: Absence of Violence
13. Factors for evaluating countries: Government Effectiveness
14. Factors for evaluating countries: Ease of Doing Business
15. Advice on employment and HR issues
16. Top countries for international expansion

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