PODCAST: Tips For PR, Content, And Influencer Marketing Success In Germany

Posted by Anke Corbin on Feb 13, 2017
Anke Corbin

podcast_image.jpgGlobig’s guest speaker is Dominik Grau, the Chief Innovation Officer at Ebner Media Group in Germany. Dominik has expertise is in media (print, digital, video, mobile, events), content marketing, content strategy, corporate development, IT infrastructure and technology management. He is also a highly regarded speaker and you’ll find him at the world's top content marketing, media and publishing conferences.



Dominik shares how to content market, become an influencer in Germany, and how to work with media abroad.

This podcast explores:
1. Content marketing, how to create and distribute effective content in different languages
2. How to reach key contacts
3. Gain understanding for how business social media is used, especially by top executives
4. Learn how to work with journalists in Germany
5. Advice for becoming an influencer in Germany

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Recommended Resources:
- (new platform, launched end of 2015 by our CMO, already very popular among publishers and media companies)
- (great generic platform)
- (the official association of content marketers in Germany)
- (great news and insights)
- (great tech website that also covers content marketing)
- (iconic design magazine that covers content marketing from a design perspective)
- (a traditional outlet that covers marketing and sales, but has now ventured more into content marketing)

Connect With Dominik Grau:
Twitter: @dominikgrau
Phone USA: +1 917-399-4154
Phone Germany: +49 160 95415943


About Globig:

If you have international offices with employees, and business teams focused on foreign markets, Globig is a must for saving valuable time and money, and for managing risk.



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