Podcast: Part 1 - Generation Z And The New Global Virtual Workforce

Posted by Anke Corbin on Oct 4, 2017
Anke Corbin

podcast_image.jpgThis is Part #1 of a 2-part series on Generation Z, which is a large group of young people coming into the workforce right now and their impact on companies around the world. Our guest today is Mary Lemons, the VP of Human Resources Solutions at Global Upside. Global Upside is a leader in helping companies transform their finance, accounting, and human resources functions in over 100 countries.

This podcast is focused on learning about Generation Z, the first truly global and digital workforce entering global job markets. We discuss the following in Part #1 of this 2-part series:

1. What is Generation Z
2. When will they enter the workforce, when did Generation Y, Generation X and the Baby Boomers enter the workforce?
3. How does this generation differ from the millennial generation?
4. How are they similar?
5. What are some of the key strengths and weaknesses of this workforce?
6. What kind of work schedule does generation Z prefer and how does that fit in with the rest of the workforce?


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Mary Lemons, Bio:
Mary joined Global Upside in May 2012 as VP Human Resources Solutions. She manages Global Upside’s HR capabilities worldwide for the provision of services for startup organizations in need of creating scalable and efficient HR infrastructures as well as mature organizations in need of adjunct resources.
Prior to joining Global Upside, Mary was Vice President, Global Human Resources at ActivIdentity Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTI) where she developed the human resources strategy and supported the company through geographic expansion and international acquisitions. Prior to ActivIdentity, she was Director of Human Resources at CacheFlow responsible for creating the HR department and elevating the level of service to include pre-IPO ramp up recruitment, organizational development, compensation, benefits, stock options, and HR information systems.

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