[Podcast] Important Tax Considerations When Selling Overseas

Posted by Anke Corbin on Dec 5, 2017
Anke Corbin

taxes_image_640.jpgGlobig’s guest is Chris Stroh, an International Tax Manager at Eide Bailly, one of the top accounting firms in the United States. Chris shares his expertise on tax considerations and additional filing requirements for companies doing business internationally.

Many companies want to take their business to the next level and go overseas. While there are a lot of things to consider for a company, one area often forgotten is how their international business can impact their taxes, tax reporting requirements, and other potential tax related implications. When it comes to delivering a product or service internationally it's important to prepare in advance for new requirements. 

Some of the questions discussed include:

Q: Canada is one of the most common countries US companies expand into first. What’s important to know about doing business in Canada and tax implications both within the US and Canada?

Q: There are several different ways of going overseas and each will have tax compliance consequences. What are some differences?

Q: Often companies have been conducting business internationally for a few years and they didn’t realize there are additional tax reporting requirements. What should they do now?

Q: What should a company do if they are not currently in compliance or are unsure if they are or not? 

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