[Podcast] 5 Important Questions Companies Should Ask Before Hiring Global HR Partners

Posted by Anke Corbin on Mar 22, 2018
Anke Corbin

podcast_image_460.jpgNeed to find expert HR services in foreign countries? Not sure what characteristics to look for and the right questions to ask? 

Our expert guest is Adam Sheffield, the president of Global PEO Services. Global PEO Services (GPS) helps companies hire employees fast without having to set up legal entities in foreign jurisdictions and deal with related HR, Benefits, Payroll, Tax, and Accounting issues.

Adam provides us with some quick tips for effectively evaluating and then hiring international HR services. This podcast goes through 5 important questions companies should ask when doing their research for HR partners around the world.

You’ll learn what level of experience to look for, the skills you'll want your partners to have, the technology required to support the ongoing management of your partnership, business approaches that work and some that don't, the need for awareness of trends and upcoming legislation and their business impact, and the data privacy and security considerations critical for your success.

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