[Podcast] Why One Founder Chose Bavaria For His Tech Company Headquarters

Posted by ann stewart zachwieja on Jan 3, 2018

Globig_podcastWe often talk about international expansion as a way for companies to grow their footprint around the world. Most familiar is when a company expands by adding satellite offices, creating subsidiaries, sales offices, and research facilities in different countries. Not as familiar is for a company to move their entire headquarters into a new country instead of where they originally started out. It's quite common in tech and the starup world.

Choosing the headquarters location for your growing tech company is an important decision, one which can have lasting impacts on your success. A strategic location can offer a number of benefits, including:

- Access to talent with experience in your industry

- A supportive and knowledgeable environment fostering great discussions, innovative ideas, conferences, meetups, and industry groups

- Good funding options, including some that may not require equity dilution

- An infrastructure for reaching important markets, including roads, rail, airports, and seaports

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6 Ways to do business in other countries without setting up an office or entity

Posted by Anke Corbin on Dec 20, 2017
There are typically many ways to do business in other countries. Some are easier than others, and though certain approaches could bring higher reward, they may also come with higher risk and higher cost.  And since your international human resources strategy is a key component of your growth, how you expand internationally will have consequences. Before you decide how you’ll set up business in a new country, consider your options.
Often the first thing that comes to mind for founders when expanding into new countries is to set up a business entity, open an office, and either hire people or send some team members to the new international site. It’s very sexy to open up an office abroad, but the costs can be prohibitive. It’s certainly an option, but not the only option, and it may not be the best first step for your company.
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[Podcast] Important Tax Considerations When Selling Overseas

Posted by Anke Corbin on Dec 5, 2017

taxes_image_640.jpgGlobig’s guest is Chris Stroh, an International Tax Manager at Eide Bailly, one of the top accounting firms in the United States. Chris shares his expertise on tax considerations and additional filing requirements for companies doing business internationally.

Many companies want to take their business to the next level and go overseas. While there are a lot of things to consider for a company, one area often forgotten is how their international business can impact their taxes, tax reporting requirements, and other potential tax related implications. When it comes to delivering a product or service internationally it's important to prepare in advance for new requirements. 

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[Video] How To Prepare For GDPR

Posted by ann stewart zachwieja on Nov 15, 2017

video_image.jpgEven SMEs (small and medium enterprises) need to have a strategy for GDPR compliance. Now is the time to review your preparedness and take steps to be ready.

In this video, Globig interviews data privacy, security, and GDPR expert Carlin Dornbusch from American Cyber Security Management about how SMEs can prepare for GDPR. You'll find the tips in this introductory video very helpful, actionable, and not as intimidating as you might think.

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Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Paying Your International Employees Through A Global PEO

Posted by Anke Corbin on Nov 9, 2017

How To Go Global Faster - Easier - More Affordably

HR_image-1.jpgGlobig CEO Anke Corbin recently interviewed Adam Sheffield, the President of Global PEO Services, about international PEOs (Professional Employer Organization) and employers of record. Global PEO Services is a part of the Global Upside family of brands leading the way in international expansion and employment services. Adam came from ADP, one of the leading payroll and HR management platforms, and shares his insights.


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A Quick Guide To Business Etiquette In Mexico

Posted by Anke Corbin on Nov 3, 2017

mexico-globig_image_640.jpgMexico's economy, a powerhouse in Latin America, is growing and looking outward.  As Mexico's companies expand worldwide, foreign investors find Mexico a great foothold for both the Latin American and North American markets.  For those doing business in Mexico, awareness of some cultural norms will smooth the way for successful meetings and negotiations.  It’s also helpful for US business people to be prepared for some politically charged coolness they will need to overcome due to the current governments trade and immigration policies.

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A Quick Guide To Business Etiquette In Ireland

Posted by ann stewart zachwieja on Oct 30, 2017

There are many reasons to consider locating your business in Ireland or doing business in Ireland while located somewhere else. From the English-speaking, skilled, flexible, and diverse labor force, to the low corporate tax rate, to the accessibility to the EU and the rest of the world, Ireland offers many advantages.

 If you are considering doing business with the Irish, it behooves you to understand Ireland’s business culture before you get started. We’ve put together some important tips and insights on how the Irish do business, what to expect when doing business there, and how to work well with them.

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[Podcast] Successfully Doing Business In China PART # 3  – Setting Up A Business – Expanding Into China – Vendor Hiring

Posted by Anke Corbin on Oct 26, 2017

podcast_image-2-1.jpgThis podcast's hot topic is all about Successfully Doing Business In China. This is Segment #3 of a 3-part series and we’ll explore Setting Up A Business – Expanding Into China – Vendor Hiring Relationships.

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[Podcast] A Global Outlook For 2018: Trends - Opportunities - Risks By Region From Frontier Strategy Group

Posted by Anke Corbin on Oct 23, 2017

podcast_image_460.jpgGlobig welcomes Richard Leggett, the CEO of Frontier Strategy Group, a leader in providing actionable intelligence on international markets to companies expanding into and operating around the world.

In this podcast, we talk about the Global Outlook Report for 2018. Richard shares his insights on what’s happening in the top global regions and how both large and small companies use the Global Outlook Report 2018 to make strategic business decisions.

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[Podcast] Part 2- Is Generation Z The HR Manager's Dream Or Nightmare Employee?

Posted by Anke Corbin on Oct 12, 2017

podcast_image-2-1.jpgThis is Part 2 of a 2-part series on Generation Z, which is a large group of young people coming into the workforce right now and their impact on companies around the world. Our guest is Mary Lemons, the VP of Human Resources Solutions at Global Upside. Global Upside is a leader in helping companies transform their finance, accounting, and human resources functions in over 100 countries.

This podcast explores the questions- Is Gen Z the HR manager’s dream employee or are they a nightmare to manage?



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