Located around the world, the Globig team is comprised of data privacy and GDPR experts, international lawyers, product developers, technologists, award-winning marketers, customer success specialists, and market researchers who provide you with the knowledge, digital tools, resources, training, relevant vendors, and connections in each country to take the pain out of going global.

While we are passionate about international data privacy, global business, travel, cultures, and people from every nation, we are most passionate about making sure all of our Globig customers have the best experience possible.

Globig takes the pain out of GDPR compliance management, international employee management, and going global


  • We are collaborators
  • We have fun and a sense of humor
  • We do the right thing even when no one is looking
  • We work hard, fast, and smart in balance
  • We are creative and innovative
  • We are passionate about travel, languages, and cultures
  • We communicate with openness and respect
  • We show gratitude
  • We are committed to our members and each other
  • We know how to get stuff done, seriously, a lot of stuff


Anke Corbin

Founder, CEO

Anke Corbin is the founder and CEO of Globig. Her background includes executive positions in sales, marketing, product management, and business development for US, EU and Japan at startups and enterprise companies including MapQuest, Time Inc., Times Mirror Magazines, and more.  Anke has a MA in Integrated Marketing and enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling anywhere, languages, cooking and enjoying good food, and playing in the mountains.


Jessica Hoyt

Director of International Law and Regulation

During college, Jessica spent her time learning Spanish and Russian and traveling the world. In law school, she focused her courses and experiences in international law. After law school, Jessica began her career as a litigator before finding her dream job as an international attorney for Globig. Jessica is passionate about all things international. She loves traveling, cooking and trying new food, music, and photography.

Ann Stewart Zachwieja

Content & Operations

Ann Stewart Zachwieja has a background in technical product management and marketing, and has worked in US companies with an international presence.  Ann loves to travel and has been to Asia, Europe, and throughout North America for work and for fun.  Always up for learning new things, she has an MBA, a degree in International Studies, and has studied German, Russian, and Mandarin.


Matt Clark

VP of Global Revenue

Matt Clark is the Vice President of Global Revenue for Globig.  Matt has built and managed a variety of sales teams across a broad spectrum of industries.  He has lived and worked in Asia, Latin America and, most recently, Europe.   He has a lifelong passion for traveling, having visited 67 countries.

Mika Corbin

Front End Developer - UI - UX

Mika Corbin recently completed his studies at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Game & Animation in Los Angeles as well as SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. He’s a talented front end developer, UI and UX designer, videographer, and concept artist. Mika also enjoys international travel, film, anime, hiking, biking, skiing, great food, and most everything Japanese.

vijay bangaru

Vijay Bangaru

Technical Advisor

Vijay R. Bangaru’s experience ranges from being the CEO and President at Splick-it, Inc., to managing innovation as the VP of Product Management at MapQuest, Product Lead at Google for Google Docs and Google Apps, and the Program Manager at Microsoft, where he worked on the WinFS project and strategy for the SQL Server.

Todd Straka

Design Advisor

Todd Straka is currently the Lead Customer Experience Designer at Finish Line. His previous experience includes being the Creative Director or Lead Designer at MapMyFitness, Wall Street On Demand, Mountain Sports Media which was a division of Time Inc., and the digital agency iXL.  Todd is a passionate runner and owns BoulderRunning.com. 


Adam Burrows

Marketplace Advisor

Adam Burrows is senior vice president of business and corporate development at HomeAdvisor. His responsibilities include general management of HomeAdvisor’s subsidiaries (mHelpDesk and CraftJack), strategic partnerships, and M&A. He also has served as a mentor for TechStars and an advisor for several other successful internet companies.


Katrin Windsor

Global Expansion Advisor

Katrin Windsor has helped many US companies such as KX Systems, Rogue Wave Software and Pearson Education grow their global presence in over 40 countries for the past 20+ years. Her expertise includes strategy development, business planning, partner selection, talent acquisition, talent development, product localization and more. Katrin founded the International Business Circle and is fluent in Swiss, German, French, English, Spanish and can fake it in Italian and Portuguese.